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“The most valuable commodity for the middle class is properly managed credit.”-D.Raines


We use indicators to help people gain a sober evaluation whether their financial situation is truly healthy.

Most lenders check our debt to income ratio to identify if we are taking on more debt than we should.  Take a moment to find out if you have a good DTI.


It’s imperative to take a moment to pause and review exactly how much money you have coming in and where it is going.  This tool will help you do just that.

After identifying how much debt you have it is time to devise a plan to attack that debt.  This tool will give a couple approaches on how to pay down your debt quickly.

Choice Rich

Financial freedom isn’t the freedom to spend without restraint. Financial freedom is the power to make choices.


In order to get to the place of having choices, we have to deal with our desire for more “stuff”.

Pay Yourself

Paying your future self is savings in addition to your 401K or other employer-based savings. These are great retirement tools, but you should not rely on them to be enough to secure your retirement and take care of your generations.


At minimum you should pay your future self a dollar ($1) for every hour you work.


Charity may seem counterproductive to your prosperity. However, charity is an important component to having a financially stable life.


Benefits of Giving:

  1. Activate the Reward Center in Your Brain
  2. Improve Life Satisfaction
  3. Feel Happier
  4. Protect Your Local Community
  5. Improve Key Measurements of Your Health
  6. Reduce Rates of Stress
  7. Induce Civic Engagement
  8. Improve Your Employee Morale
  9. Increase Your Community Standing
  10. Reduce Your Tax Burden

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We teach individuals how to understand and apply spiritual and natural principles in a way that positions them to experience financial progress in both the short and long term.

About Us

Pathway$ was founded by Derrick and Zelphia Raines because of their desire to see people truly experience the power of having financial choices in life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people realize financial prosperity.  We do this by teaching individuals how to understand and apply proven principles in a way that positions them to experience progress.

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Contact us to find out when we will have our next Pathway$ Workshop or to get more information on how you can begin your journey towards financial freedom.

The Four Constants of Personal Finances

The Rules Are The Rules

Live Below Your Means
Pay Your Future Self
Limit Your Debt
Short Terms and Long Terms Goals

Common Man Prosperity

“Common Man” is a title we have given to people who work a job as their primary source of income or are self-employed.  The compensation they receive through their employment funds their lifestyle.


Prosperity is a good lifestyle including satisfaction, enjoyment and progress. To be able to enjoy function, comfort, and dignity.  Rather than just being stuck in the “paycheck to paycheck rut, they have the ability to make choices to lead them to a comfortable future.

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